Synopsis: Our Summer in Tehran
In her Oscar nominated documentary, Promises, filmmaker Justine Shapiro took us into the lives of Palestinians and Israeli children in and around Jerusalem. Justine's new documentary, Our Summer in Tehran, transports us into the seldom seen realm of middle class family life in Iran transcending overt politics in favor of subtle, human, and often humorous moments.

Justine, a Jewish-American filmmaker and former host of the travel series GlobeTrekker, takes her 6-year-old son Mateo with her to Tehran where they spend the summer with 3 families: a religious family with ties to the government; a cosmopolitan, secular family; and a single mom who is an actress. When the Iranian government abruptly gives Justine and Mateo 48 hours to leave the country, promising relationships are severed.

Filmed in 2007. In English and Persian with English subtitles. 59 minutes. Produced by Promises Films (a non-profit organization) and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), with partial funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.